The Leadership Code

“Dave, Norm and Kate have found a simple and compelling way to pull together the study of leaders and leadership. We are using The Leadership Code with our high potential leaders.”

Majed al-Romaithi, Executive Director
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

“Comprehensive, focused and immediately useful, The Leadership Code is an articulate and highly readable synthesis of current thinking on leadership and a framework to apply this in real life situations. This should be recommended reading for all leaders and development professionals.”

Peter Goerke,
Group Head of Human Resources, Zurich Financial Services

“Who knows if leaders are born or made? I know that leaders can become better. The Leadership Code shows them how! The best book on leading for the future that I have ever read—a wonderful combination of idealism and realism!”

Marshall Goldsmith, author of the WSJ #1 best-seller,
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“For current or aspiring leaders and those tasked with supporting and developing them - this book is a ‘must have’. With inspiring leadership stories, wonderful frameworks and diagnostics it provides a unique overview of what it takes to be a leader”

Lynda Gratton, Professor London Business School
author of Hot Spots - Why Some Companies Buzz
with Energy and Innovation - and Others Don’t

“A valuable guide to the thicket of leadership thinking, The Leadership Code summarizes what’s core and critical to your leadership effectiveness.”

Herminia Ibarra, Cora Chaired Professor in Leadership, INSEAD
and learning & faculty director, INSEAD Leadership Initiative

“The concepts of leadership brand and leadership code are both developmental and useful. We have used these ideas at Ketchum to focus and define our leadership to better serve both our clients and colleagues. I heartily endorse this book as a useful guide to improving and strengthening your organization’s leadership”

Ray Kotcher, CEO, Ketchum

“Not just another book on leadership, a truly useful guide to what leaders can and should do. Integrates the research on leadership and provides a what-to-do list of actions and useful examples.”

Ed Lawler, Professor, Marshall School, USC
author of Talent: Making People your Competitive Advantage

“A hard hitting, back-to-basics reminder of leadership fundamentals that are all too readily forgotten in today’s task driven culture. The common sense approach of The Leadership Code provides some practical tools to guide and measure success. The 5 Rules define clearly the critical pathway from creating strategy to delivering results, engaging both employees and customers along the way. A must for aspiring leaders and managers who value their development and effectiveness.”

Tony McCarthy, Director for People,
British Airways

“Going beyond theories, The Leadership Code: 5 Rules to Lead By brings different ideas together under a single framework to develop organizational capabilities for business success. Refreshing and inspiring real-world examples make this book a valuable ‘how-to’ guide for today’s leaders. Simply put, it’s value-added and it makes a difference.”

Randy McDonald, Senior Vice President, Human Resources,

“In an environment where everyone is claiming to have the “magic pill” for effective leadership, Ulrich, Smallwood and Sweetman present an innovative approach that speaks for itself. A thoughtful spin on traditional content, the authors equip readers with a personalized, pragmatic rulebook that simplifies a rather dense body of research and enables managers in any field to enrich their leadership skills. As dynamic as it is telling, The Leadership Code integrates theory, assessment tools, and practical examples in a way that encourages both introspection and incremental development.”

Lynne Oldham, Managing Director, Head of HR North America,
BNP Paribas

“Is leadership an art or a science? Is leadership a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ discipline? The great contribution of this book is that it dismisses these tired dichotomies and proposes an integrated and actionable theory of leadership based on the art and the science and the importance of the soft and hard skills that are necessary to lead. It promises to move the field forward in a powerful and helpful way.”

Fran Sussner Rodgers, Chair of WF/D and recipient of the
Ernst and Young/Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur of the Year award

“Simple yet complex, conceptual and practical, The Leadership Code is a book designed to drive action and in that sense it a must for all managers and leaders. It is a great distillation of practical ideas, insights and activities designed to grow great leaders at all levels in organizations.”

Neil Roeden,

“An excellent, thoughtful read that extends the knowledge base of leadership by providing easy to understand and apply concepts and frameworks. Importantly, this book differentiates itself in a field that has been over studied by driving the reader to the pure essence of leadership and how each one of us, regardless of level or position, can become more personally proficient at leading”

Dennis W. Shuler, Chief Human Resources Officer
The Walt Disney Company.

“Finally a practical, comprehensive framework about what leaders do and why they do it. This book rises like Everest, above all other leadership books. The Leadership Code is destined to become as fundamentally important to leadership as Newton’s laws are to physics or Magellan’s circumnavigation was to geography.”

Dave Weidman, CEO
Celanese Corporation

What is The Leadership Code Book About?
All managers aspire to be better leaders — but what is it that makes a leader effective? “The Leadership Code” synthesizes the best research and practice from the past 50 years to answer that question. The authors present 5 rules for great leadership applied to day–to–day actions.