The Leadership Code

Chapter 7: Ensuring Better Leaders and Leadership

Dave Ulrich reviews the closing chapter of the book and provides an in-depth discussion of the Leadership Brand concept.

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Chapter 6: Invest in Yourself

Kate Sweetman presents real-life stories of leaders who display exceptional personal proficiency.

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Chapter 5: Build the Next Generation

Norm Smallwood gives a complete introduction to the RBL career development model as well as practical advice for applying it in your organization.

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Chapter 4: Engage Today’s Talent

Dave Ulrich reviews the Talent Manager domain and introduces the VOIICCE employee engagement assessment.

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Chapter 3: Make Things Happen

Kate Sweetman illustrates how the viruses tool has worked at other companies to lower cultural barriers to execution success.

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Chapter 2: Shaping the Future

Norm Smallwood reviews the Strategist domain and provides a detailed introduction to the Strategic Options Matrix.

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Chapter 1: Defining the Leadership Code

Dave Ulrich describes the first chapter of the Leadership Code Book.

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Chapter 7: The Leadership Brand Assessment

This Leadership Brand Self Assessment is a quick way to explore your organization’s commitment to developing a strong Leadership Brand.

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Chapter 5: Career Transition Manager & Self Assessment

Having meaningful conversations with employees about their careers is a significant challenge for many leaders. This short assessment gives you a tool you can use to structure these conversations and help employees understand how they can continue to develop and contribute to the organization.

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Chapter 2: Strategic Options Matrix

Effective strategists have a point of view about their company and industry. They help their organizations make two fundamental strategy choices, then communicate those choices and align resources appropriately: Business Growth and Competitive Emphasis.

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Chapter 1: Leadership Code Self Assessment

Being an effective leader starts with the self. If you want to build leadership in your organization, you need to model what you want others to know and do. This short assessment explores the strengths and weaknesses you see in yourself as a leader.

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